After more than 20 years of yo-yo dieting having succumbed to pretty much every diet/fad diet out there (trust me, I've done the Atkins diet, Keto diet, cabbage soup diet, smoothie/detox diets, weight watchers, slimming world, I've been vegetarian [even a flexitarian] taken slimming pills/potions/tea!) I decided enough was enough and took control of my health and wellbeing and started learning about nutrition and fitness in my free time…


Over the years this passion escalated and I decided to train as a fitness instructor (I currently teach High Intensity Internal Training classes, Insanity LIVE!, TRX/suspension training, core and box fitand later I qualified as a Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser. Most recently I have qualified as a Sports Nutrition Adviser, Behavioral Change Coach and I am certified in Childhood nutrition + obesity prevention and pre/post-natal nutrition.


My journey has resulted in me being over 40 lbs. lighter, healthier, happier with more confidence and nutritional knowledge than I’ve ever had before. I want my clients to know that I have ‘been there’ – I’ve tried and failed the diets that just don’t work and are not sustainable. I know that feeling when you lose a dramatic amount of weight only to go and put it all back on again… I remember the days of barely eating anything Monday to Friday so that I could binge on takeaways, chocolate and wine all weekend long... I was out of control and my body and health paid the price. Deep down I knew it wasn't the nutrition or the exercising that was going to be the hard part it was my mindset so I took to work on making changes, learning and growing - doing things I knew my future self would thank me for. Knowledge is a powerful tool and I am a firm believer that once you understand food better, making healthier food choices will become second nature. Click here to see how EVOLVE Nutrition + Fitness can help you on your journey to a healthier happier you!

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