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After more than 20 years of yo-yo dieting having succumbed to pretty much every diet/fad diet out there (trust me, I've done the Atkins diet, Keto diet, cabbage soup diet, smoothie/detox diets, weight watchers, slimming world, I've been vegetarian [even a flexitarian] taken slimming pills/potions/tea!) I decided enough was enough and took control of my health and wellbeing and started learning about nutrition and fitness in my free time…


Over the years this passion escalated and I decided to train as a fitness instructor (I currently teach strength + conditioning classes, High Intensity Internal Training classes, TRX/suspension training and core sessions). I later qualified as a Nutrition and Weight Management Coach. Most recently I have qualified as a Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Adviser, Behavioral Change Coach and I am certified in Childhood nutrition + obesity prevention and pre/post-natal nutrition.


My journey has resulted in me being the fittest I have ever been, over 40 lbs lighter, healthier, happier with more confidence and nutritional/fitness knowledge than I’ve ever had before. I want my clients to know that I have ‘been there’ – I’ve tried and failed the diets that just don’t work and are not sustainable. I know that feeling when you are all motivated to join a gym, go once then never enter the doors ever again! I know the feeling when you lose a dramatic amount of weight only to go and put it all back on again… I remember the days of barely eating anything Monday to Friday so that I could binge on takeaways, chocolate and wine all weekend long... I was out of control and my body and health paid the price.


Deep down I knew it wasn't the nutrition or the exercising that was going to be the hard part it was my mindset so I took to work on making changes, learning and growing - doing things I knew my future self would thank me for. Knowledge is a powerful tool and I am a firm believer that once you understand food better, making healthier food choices will become second nature. Once exercise becomes a habit, wasted gym membership will be a thing of the past! 


Click here to see how EVOLVE can help you on your fitness journey...


Click here to see how EVOLVE can help you on your nutrition journey...

Training and qualifications 

  • Level lV Personal Trainer

  • Level III Gym instructor 

  • SH1FT + L1FT certified instructor 

  • YMCA core stability accreditation 

  • YMCA High Intensity Interval Training accreditation 

  • YMCA suspension fitness accreditation 

  • Advanced Diploma in nutrition + weight management 

  • CIMSPA accreditation for nutrition for sport + exercise 

  • CIMSPA accreditation for behaviour change coaching

  • CIMSPA accreditation for childhood nutrition + obesity prevention

  • CIMSPA accreditation in behaviour change coaching

I am also a 'Fitness Australiaregistered exercise professional and a Bupa recognised training provider 

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