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The 1:1 programme runs for 6-weeks and is the most comprehensive of all the programmes on offer to ensure long-term sustained results. It includes 1:1 support via our face-to-face consultations (and via phone/email) for the 6-weeks as well as access to Club EVOLVE's online community. A 4-week programme is also available ($400)

What does the 6-week programme include?

  • Weekly face-to-face weigh in and measurement taking

  • Educational sessions (topics include, but are not limited to: macronutrients/micronutrients, fluids, food labelling, eating habits understanding them and making changes, eating out, planning for hectic lifestyles...)

  • Continual ongoing support and motivation throughout the programme (via email, phone, skype) - I'm on call whenever you need me! 

  • Get fit, stay fit advice and guidance 

  • SMART goal setting

  • Dietary and lifestyle analysis to ensure a balanced diet and lifestyle 

  • Food diaries

  • Access to recipes, top tips, key nutrition news etc 

"This programme total changed my life, thoroughly recommend it"


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