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The 1:1 bespoke workshops are totally tailored to you and your needs, whether it be weight management guidance or simply nutritional advice to get you back on track or get you out of a rut! Tired, no energy, just not feeling 100%, using a dietary analysis programme I can can delve into your diet to see how I can help with simple realistic suggestions around habit changes and dietary tweaks to get you back to optimal health!. 

To get the most of this session I do pre-workshop analysing, looking in detail at your current lifestyle to help find personalised strategies for your specific goals in nutrition and wellbeing. 

Within the workshop we could, for example, look at tips around habit changing, eating out, portion control along with practical nutritional advice to eliminate confusion leaving you clear as to how to eat for maximum nutritional benefit and optimal health. I'll also provide motivational support to help you focus on creating a positive relationship with food + fitness.

BONUS: the workshops also include an additional 2-weeks motivational support to answer any queries you have (via email/phone/skype)​

ADD ONS: Want to do the workshop with a friend? 2:1 workshops are $200 :)

"I'm feeling healthier, happier, more energetic and most importantly for me, I have maintained my weight for a month now whilst completely overhauling my diet struggles. Thank you so much Alice"

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