My name is Alice and I am a Surrey-based wife, mother of two little ladies, Nutrition + Weight Management Coach and Fitness Instructor with a BIG passion for ALL THINGS health, fitness and wellness. I am soon to embark on an adventure to a land down under (my husband is Australian) and I am so excited to integrate myself and EVOLVE in the Australian health + fitness industry! 

When I'm not being Mummy or teaching you'll find me weight training, in a functional or fitness dance class or playing squash. Although a big lover of the sunshine, come winter the excitement sets in for ski season (thats not to say I'm any good by any means!). I love love love to travel - far and wide when work and family commitments allow! I think it's fair to say I'm pretty active and always on the go... I like to keep busy!


When I'm not working or training I'm usually busy in the kitchen experimenting with ways to make sweet treats as healthy as possible without compromising on taste. Whilst on the subject of food I 'm a big fan of Japanese food and could pretty much eat it every day if I could! 


So now you know who I am, click here to find out more about how I got involved in nutrition + fitness and how I can help you achieve your nutrition + weight management goals, whatever they may be!






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